Create content for Facebook at scale using AI & Automation.

The perfect facebook manager for food service to handle your content, messages, reviews and social presence. 

What Dinabite Does For Facebook

We wanted to go beyond a one size fits all solution. We wanted a solution that was perfectly tailored to our users.

Facebook uses a variety of factors to decide how recommended a restaurant is to its users. If you’re missing a key part, your competition will beat you. Dinabite has all the tools needed to increase your ranking. 

Even in the digital age, word of mouth can be everything for a food service business, but the way that word spreads has changed, so you need to make sure you’re putting the best face for your business on every platform.

When everyone on Facebook has the potential to share their opinions to its 2.91 Billion users, you’ve got to make sure it’s a good opinion. A high quality social appearance could tip the scales in your favour. Dinabite can help.

What Dinabite Can Do

Scheduled Posting

Plan your posts and schedule them to go out at the perfect time to reach your customers.

Answer Messages

Easily answer your customers messages so that they're always kept in the loop.

Respond to Reviews

Respond to your reviews so that you can make sure everyone sees the best side of your business.

Manage Adverts

Plan and run your Facebook ad campaigns in the easy ads dashboard in dinabite.

Check Results

See your posts' successes compared against your other socials in Dinabite analytics.

Coming Soon To Facebook with Dinabite

Posts Written for You

The Artificial Intelligence being worked on at Dinabite will help you come out with posts that engage customers and drive sales, and will learn from what you tell it about your business and write posts to match that. 
You’ll never run out of ideas. 

Live Chat AI

Every customer message could get an instant response from an AI bot that knows your business and gives accurate information.

Story Posting

Post directly to your Facebook story from within the Dinabite platform, no phone required.

Review AI

Built in AI that recommends the best thing to say to reviews to get the highest chance of a better rating.

Other Dinabite Tools